I Woke Up by Vivi Steels

Posted on October 29, 2019 at 8:05 PM

I Woke Up

I woke up.

I looked out at the day

stretching its golden arms

round the sacred garden.

The sun painted tips of light

on all the green-grown plants,

all in exactly the right places

waiting for visits from bees,

wearing pollen leg-warmers.

The clouds bounced white sheep’s-fleece

around blue shores of sky

and I knew the day would end

with silk-sapphire sheets

set with skating stars.

I fell asleep.

I was looking out over the night

stretching its blue-black arms

round my sacred life.

© Vivien Steels

**  I am including this poem as I was recently contacted by a lady, who had heard this poem read out at a funeral and she asked for a copy of it.  This is intriguing because this poem hasn't been published and I only wrote it in May 2019.  It has only been sent to a few friends, so I presume it might have been forwarded to others.  It is a sad poem, but it is full of natural beauty and positivity too.  If anyone has seen it or read it before, do please contact me via my Contacts page, or Guestbook page.  I always say my poems will reach the people, who are meant to read them and this seems to be the case here, but it is very strange... Mystery solved as this poem was read out at the funeral of a lovely person, who was a dear friend of Annie, a close friend of mine.  I had sent some of my latest poems to Annie & she had sent them to him to read.  I also sent him my latest book of poems.  I feel honoured that my poem was chosen to be read out at his service.

I have illustrated it with The Cloud Sprite Card 36 from The Fairy Pack Oracle Cards by Claire Nahmad and illustrated by Danuta Mayer.

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