New Year's Moon by Vivi Steels

Posted on January 18, 2017 at 9:45 AM

New Year's Moon

Moon ~

whole tablet of silver ~

wakes my bed,

draws me to a land outside,

and sprinkles my body

with pearl-light.

Crystal chips of stars

wink at me

while my body-warmth

rises like incense

into the half-lit sky

so blue, so vast;

an ocean of planets

dream-years away.


Climbing stairs back to sleep,

meeting warmth again on the landing,

I fall back into soft white sheets

holding their drowsy heat,

until my limbs sing too loud

and long for the cool

of the New Year’s moon

waxing full onto

a watchful garden

travelling to foreign fields

cast in alien shadows.

© Vivien Steels



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